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A little bit about us...  

Elias: Explorer. Ecologist. Birder. Independent contractor. Photographer. Recordist. Documentarian. Cartographer. Wood-worker. Artist. Cyclist. 


Kaia: Adventurer. Ecologist. Birder. Business owner. Photographer. World Traveler. Pilot. Scuba diver. Chef. Foodie. Writer. Musician. Gardener. Voracious book reader. 

As two field ecologists, even our dream jobs get tiring.  So what do we do as often as we can?  Travel.  We explore other sights, sounds, and savor the discoveries of what's just beyond the horizon.

The inception of this blog began with the aspiration to explore ecological narratives through visual and aural story-telling.  We would like it to be a platform where knowledge of the natural world is accessible to you.

We document experiences with which we resonate and articulate our insights through writing, photography, and videography.  We hope to inspire you to experience the natural world in a new way.  

Join us in our adventures as we travel around the world!  

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