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  • Kaia Colestock

Day 11: Daintree South Side & River Cruise

Updated: Jan 6

It’s no surprise to us that the Daintree is a World Heritage Site. Every book we read to prepare for this trip said that the Daintree is not to be missed. Not under any circumstances, come rain or cyclone. It is jungle, pure and simple. Daintree is one of the most biologically-diverse rainforests in the world, and certainly the oldest. It’s older than the Amazon rainforest by about 10 million years. Some of the species here aren’t found anywhere else on the planet, including, none other than the southern cassowary.

Daintree rainforest (above)

Driving the Daintree roads along the river, we spotted some white-breasted woodswallows representing their home.

Brown-backed honeyeater building a nest with its mate

We hopped on a Daintree River Wildlife Cruise run by Murray Hunt out of Daintree Village. Choosing the evening tour was lucky, because the morning was washed out with a deluge of rain that swelled the river. Murray was knowledgeable and accommodating to everyone on the boat. People wanted to see crocodiles, snakes, frogs - and we were game for it all. Elias and I sat in the front, so anything that flushed out of the way grabbed our attention. Murray turned his focus to where we pointed our binoculars.

Papuan frogmouth (below) sitting with a chick

Saltwater crocodile assessing us from the Daintree River

Impenetrable vegetation along the Daintree River

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